Where digital product design is going

Tanner Christensen:

"No longer is it reasonable for design leaders to merely advocate for “average” users, emphasizing an arbitrary quality bar that appeals to many but fulfills the needs of only a few. These design leaders know they can’t simply be data-driven, but instead they must be data-informed and make decisions from data that’s paired with empathy and diverse perspectives. They know that data can’t empathize or feel.

Leaders in digital product design are those who are willing to pull on a thread in order to uncover where an experience might fail, cause harm, or otherwise negatively influence real people."

The continuously variable curvature

Industrial designer Mark Stanton on rounded rectangles versus curvature continuity:

“A ‘secret’ of Apple’s physical products is that they avoid tangency (where a radius meets a line at a single point) and craft their surfaces with what’s called curvature continuity. Once you know how to spot it on products, you’re likely to start seeing it (or more likely the lack of it) all around you.”

Dieter Rams: If I Could Do It Again, "I Would Not Want To Be A Designer"

Design Legend Dieter Rams on the future of design:

We need to deal with our resources differently, in terms of how we waste things. We have to move away from the throwaway habit. Things can, and must, last longer. They must be designed so that they can be reused. We need to take more care of our environment. That means not only our personal environment but also our cities and our resources. That is the future of design, to take more care of these basic elements. Otherwise I’m not sure what the future of our planet will be. So designers have to take on that responsibility, and to do so we need more support from government. We need political support to solve the problems with our environment and how we should shape our cities. As designers, we shouldn’t be doing this for ourselves, but for our community. And the community needs support, not only to interact with each other democratically, but it also needs support to live democratically.

Things you can rock with the new Gold MacBook

Here are some things that would go well with your new Gold MacBook:

Nike Air Foamposite One "Metallic Gold" Basketball Shoes
Recognized for its futuristic design language - the shoe’s rugged upper in shiny gold is just the look to coordinate with that flashy new MacBook.  Available April 3 for $230. 

Louis Vuitton Lockit MM Handbag
In the Classic Monogram canvas, the Lockit MM is just the right size to carry your super-light Gold laptop in style.  Available now for $3,150.

Adia Kimbur Crystal Embellished Necklace

Gold-plated triangles and crystals create a dimensional bib on this eye-catching Adia Kibur necklace.  $95.

Rolex Oyster Sky-Dweller 42mm watch in Yellow Gold

The Sky-Dweller is "the first Rolex with two time zones and an innovative annual calendar that marks the passage of the months." Approx. $40K