eBay Garage

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What is it (and Why)

eBay Garage is a new shopping experience tailored to the needs of automotive enthusiasts who shop for car and motorcycle parts on eBay. It recently launched on web and our native apps in our top 7 global regions (US, UK, Germany, Canada and Various european countries).


eBay did not provide a conventional parts shopping experience. The eBay Garage was the answer to this: it would be a consistent place within eBay where a customer could go and tell us what kind of car they have, and easily shop for parts that fit their vehicle. eBay would remember this vehicle and be able to assure the user any thing they bought would fit. And they could come back whenever they needed to shop for a part.


I developed journey maps of the existing eBay experience from start to finish, highlighting pain points and areas of friction or frustration.

I also conducted audits of competitor experiences to identify recurring themes and concepts. What are they doing right and wrong?

I then led product discovery sessions with stakeholders where I shared my findings with the different teams, who also shared their expertise on the problem space and recommendations for improving the experience.


I then put together low fidelity flows to show how the customer journey could change based on on the approach. While the Garage was one screen, the experience would expand to other areas within the core experience, such as the home page, search results, item details and checkout.


For the Garage screen, I developed wireframes that illustrated the different shopping sections and functions.

At the top, there would be a picture of the vehicle and primary information such as year, make, model, trim and engine.

There would be a search function; The customer could browse for parts by category; In some cases the customer could take advantage of our diagram shopping tool; And lastly promotional carousels to highlight deals and products.

Research and Iteration

I created some initial design concepts based on the wireframes to explore content hierarchy, layout and design. I built interactive prototypes, which we showed to new and experienced P&A buyers to get their reaction and feedback. The research affirmed much of our design approach, and we made some additional tweaks to address potential customer issues.

Design Exploration

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After additional iteration, I landed on the final design. I created the screens of the tool, capturing different interface states and flows. I also made sure the design would scale across the different platforms. I also worked on final assets, like photography, icons, and buttons.

In February 2018 Garage launched on Desktop & Mobile web. In Summer 2018 it launched on eBay’s iOS and Android apps. eBay Garage is available in 7 regions of US, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

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