eBay Selling Redesign

Visual Design • User Interface • User Experience

Selling Marketing Page (click to see full view)

A simpler way to sell on eBay's unified mobile experience

In September 2015 eBay refreshed its mobile apps with a more streamlined and unified experience on mobile devices.  Featuring a new activity tab, shoppers could get information on items they have viewed or “watched,” and items they are currently selling on eBay. 

The new Sell channel was designed to be a centralized place where sellers can list, get tips on selling, as well as sell through eBay’s valet service, which has an eBay employee collect and sell items for them in exchange for a fee. I helped optimize the design for the selling channel on iPads and Android Tablet screens.


I collaborated with other designers on the eBay 4.0 design team to make sure the new visual framework would support the needs of eBay sellers.  I also worked closely with product managers and developers to understand the capabilities of supporting services which powered the information provided on the channel.  Though multiple explorations and revisions, the design and services were updated to allow sellers to view their selling information at a glance, including items currently for sale in the marketplace, sold/not sold, and total revenue over time.