eBay Vehicles Shopping Experience

Visual Design • User Interface • User Experience

In 2017 I led the design to improve the shopping experience for vehicle shoppers on eBay.  This consisted of two main aspects: adding Vehicle History Reports to the Product Detail page and Price Transparency, which augments the Search Results as well as the Product Detail screen.

eBay Vehicle 1.png
eBay Vehicle 2.png

These two significant pieces of data are very important to a shopper when considering a vehicle.  The Vehicle History Report provides a quantifiable rating of the condition of the vehicle provided by a trusted third party to help the buyer understand not only if the vehicle has not been in any serious accidents that would affect the structure of the vehicle, but how well does it fare to similar vehicles in terms of age and mileage.

Price Transparency helps buyers understand the value of the vehicle compared to similar vehicles in terms of mileage and location.  On the search result screen, the price is compared to the "Market Value" of the vehicle, and vehicles below market value are highlighted.  On the product detail page, a histogram shows where the vehicle lands in terms of the market price to let the buyer know if the vehicle is a good or great deal.

The visual design of both aspects of data needed to work together and help buyers understand the overall value of a vehicle at a glance.  The bar graph was used to communicate the vehicle history rating, while the histogram showed the curve of the market price as well as the low, mid and high price points.