Project Overview

eBay's selling experience was not attracting or retaining new users due to a number of reasons: preconceived notions about selling being cumbersome, competitor apps making it super easy to sell to their social network, and selling's presence on eBay had become diminished.  As part of the larger effort of redesigning the selling experience from start to finish, we needed a destination that would not only help give eBay consideration to new users selling online, but also let them know that eBay is the most powerful selling platform.

My role

As part of a 5-person team, I focused on the experience and interactions of putting together an efficient listing process that would ensure the seller would make money. I was involved in the entire process from start to finish including research, architecture, sketching, wireframing, and final interface.

Design process


I conducted a competitive audit of similar sites like Etsy and AirBnb to see how they communicated the advantages of their platform. After whiteboarding and wireframing critical user journeys with the team, the various sections of the page were developed, resulting in an outline of the story we wanted to tell about selling on eBay.


The biggest challenge was determining the balance of information: We wanted people to learn about the benefits at an easy pace and not get overwhelmed by an over-abundance of facts and figures.  At the same time we wanted to give a sufficient amount of information for understanding.  Ultimately the page would get people excited to start selling on eBay.

Sketches & wireframes


I created sketches of the page, laying out the different sections that would speak to the many reasons why eBay was the best place to sell online.  We wanted to talk about the large size of the Marketplace, which made the chance of selling much easier.  We also wanted to promote the fact that the process was simpler and less cumbersome.  Sharing the stories of other sellers would give a non-biased endorsement of the benefits of selling on eBay.  Lastly, we wanted to make it very clear about how much it would cost to sell in terms of fees.  We explored the order in which we would tell this story, the different section and the content used to best communicate the message.

Testing and iterating


To make sure our solution was effective with new sellers, I created simple paper prototypes and a high-fidelity prototype in InVision to be used in user testing.  As a result, we learned that some sections of the page that we thought were useful turned out to be more points of friction.  Other sections were difficult to be taken a face value and could benefit from more in-depth information to help improve its trustworthiness.

A compelling story for selling on eBay

Once we determined the sections and the information in the order we wanted to tell the eBay selling story, I worked closely with our content strategists to refine the tone of the content and made sure it worked with the final design of the page.  Using a combination of iconography, color and photography, I developed a page that could inspire new sellers to use eBay's platform.