Sell on eBay Marketing Page

Visual Design • User Interface • User Experience

A small but integral part of the eBay selling experience, the Sell on eBay page addressed some key issues: from a technical perspective, there was no page related to selling on eBay that indexed highly on search engines.  And for some new users, selling on eBay was not a consideration.

The new page introduced new potential sellers who may have not known about eBay as a place to sell their stuff.  As such, it helped new users understand the benefits of selling on eBay: the large size of the marketplace, the joy of selling on eBay, and how to be a successful seller.

Working closely with business and product partners, we developed the content architecture to tell the eBay Selling story.  We wanted people to understand the vibrancy and activity of the marketplace, while being safe and secure.  We also described the ease of the selling process, and the many categories one could sell in.

Using video, we showed potential sellers the community of successful sellers who enjoy selling on eBay.  To address concerns about high fees, we also provide full transparency on the fee structure, connecting it to the benefits of the selling experience.