"Don't forget your dream"

Ang Lee on his struggle in becoming successful in the motion picture industry, and the invaluable support from his wife, especially during the times when his prospects were dim.  At his lowest point, he considered abandoning his dream:

Afterward (and with a heavy heart), I enrolled in a computer course at a nearby community college. At a time when employment trumped all other considerations, it seemed that only a knowledge of computers could quickly make me employable. For the days that followed, I descended into malaise. My wife, noticing my unusual demeanor, discovered a schedule of classes tucked in my bag. She made no comment that night.
The next morning, right before she got in her car to head off to work, my wife turned back and – standing there on our front steps – said, ‘Ang, don’t forget your dream.’
And that dream of mine – drowned by demands of reality – came back to life. As my wife drove off, I took the class schedule out of my bag and slowly, deliberately tore it to pieces. And tossed it in the trash.

In 2006, Ang Lee won the Academy Award for Best Directing for Brokeback Mountain. (via Irene Shih)