eBay Fashion ON Airplay

Visual Design • User Experience

The August 2014 update of the eBay Fashion app allows eBay customers to browse through the latest Sales, Events and Curated Shops through an extended user interface on the Apple TV.

When a customer turns on AirPlay mirroring on the eBay Fashion app, their iPhone or iPad becomes a remote control.  They can use gestures to navigate across items and view the details of a product.  When they want to purchase, the focus returns to the mobile device, where they can easily enter their personal financial information.

As the design lead for eBay’s verticals on mobile, I worked with a very small, passionate team to launch the initial experience on the Apple TV, considering the 10-foot experience and technical constraints of displaying information on a television screen. I Designed the full end-to-end experience as well as created all the design assets.