eBay Garage


eBay Garage is a shopping experience tailored to the needs of automotive enthusiasts who shop for car and motorcycle parts on eBay. In 2018 eBay Garage launched on web and native apps in eBay’s top 7 global regions.

My Role

I led the design of the motors shopping experience between July 2017 and December 2018 and collaborated with two other designers on the Fitment and Diagram shopping features. In addition, I worked alongside a Content Strategist and 3 Product Managers.


eBay Garage would address issues uncovered from overwhelming customer feedback from eBay’s community of motors enthusiasts, internal analytics and usability testing.


Unconventional Shopping Experience

Sophisticated parts shoppers expect a shopping experience similar to offline retailers like AutoZone or O’Reilly’s, where one can tell the store what their car is, and the shop will provide items that are compatible.


Needles in a haystack

Shoppers usually encountered an unsurmountable mountain of items when they search for parts for their vehicle, and products were not organized in a way that allowed for easy browsing.  It would take an enormous amount of effort to find the right part for the right price. 


Trust issues

In some cases, eBay provided signals indicating that an item is compatible with their vehicle when in actuality, it did not.  This resulted in not only a poor shopping experience, but also reduced trust - by both buyers and sellers - in eBay’s fitment system.


Fragmented Experience 

The parts shopping interface varied widely in appearance, function and behavior as the user moved between eBay’s website and mobile apps.


The Vision: A Tailored Parts Shopping Experience

Our vision for eBay Garage was to be a one-stop shop for Bay customers shopping for parts for their automobile or motorcycle.  It would be deeply personalized to customers’ vehicles, including:

  1. A robust system to indicate an items “fitment” or compatibility to assure shoppers that the product they are buying will truly fit their vehicle

  2. A world-class parts shopping experience that exceeds the expectations of auto enthusiasts

  3. A consistent experience that works as well on mobile devices as it does on desktop



I developed journey maps of the existing eBay experience from start to finish, highlighting pain points and areas of friction or frustration. 

I also conducted audits of competitor experiences to identify recurring themes and concepts. What are they doing right and wrong?

I then led product discovery sessions with stakeholders where I shared my findings with the different teams, who also shared their expertise on the problem space and recommendations for improving the experience. 


I developed journey maps of the existing eBay experience from beginning to end, highlighting pain points and areas of friction or frustration. I also conducted audits of competitor experiences to identify recurring themes and concepts. What are they doing right to meet buyer expectations? I facilitated product discovery sessions with stakeholders who also shared their expertise on the problem space and recommendations for improving the experience. 

Sketching & wire framing

I created flows to show how the customer journey could change based on on the approach. The Garage would be at the center of the shopping experience, where the shopper would enter their vehicle information.  From there, they could jump off to other areas within the core experience, such as the home page, search results, item details and checkout, and their vehicle information would follow them to show that the items they have truly fit their vehicle.

Research and Iteration 

I created some initial design concepts based on the wireframes to explore content hierarchy, layout and design. I built interactive prototypes, which we showed to new and experienced P&A buyers to get their reaction and feedback.  The research affirmed much of our design approach, and we made some additional tweaks to address potential customer issues. 

08 Garage Final.png

Introducing eBay Garage 

Today, it is much easier for eBay customers – shopping for parts that are compatible with their car or motorcycle – to find the things they are looking for. Motorheads and regular car owners alike benefit from key advantages of the experience:


Multiple Vehicle Support

While most shoppers will have only 1 or 2 vehicles, there are some who may have a significant amount of vehicles to shop for.  eBay Garage provides an interface where shoppers can add, edit, or delete their vehicles.


Visual Browse

Part of a retail standard experience, the Garage displays a grid of categories that a shopper can easily navigate.  Similar to aisles in a brick-and-mortar parts store, a parts shopper can drill down to find the part they are looking for.


Enhanced Search

The best way to find a part is through Search.  In eBay Garage, frequently used keywords are highlighted to show what similar vehicle owners searched for in their region. For example, vehicle owners in the UK would see a different set of keywords than owners in the US.


Diagram Shopping

If a shopper doesn’t know the name of a part, the diagram shopping tool allows them to navigate an exploded drawing of their vehicle and click on the specific part.


Merch Opportunities

Depending on the vehicle and the season, eBay can promote certain categories and specific products for any vehicle.


Augmenting the Core Experience

To support shoppers as they navigate eBay Garage, an added layer is applied to parts of the core experience to assist them as they shop for compatible parts.


Improved Fitment System

As the user, eBay Garage augments the core eBay shopping experience by providing visual signals indicating that an item is compatible with their vehicle.  If an item is not compatible, the system will alert the shopper so they don’t inadvertently purchase something that doesn’t fit.


Multiple Entry Points

Users can go directly into their Garage by entering their url.   if a user has saved vehicles, it will show up on the eBay Home page or the eBay Motors home page to provide easy access.  A shopper can organically create a garage by simply typing a part query that includes the year, make and model of their vehicle.


An overwhelming positive response 

05 Garage.png

In February 2018 Garage launched on Desktop & Mobile web. In Summer 2018 it launched on eBay’s iOS and Android apps. eBay Garage is available in 7 regions of US, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.  By the end of 2018, it was clear that providing a Parts & Accessories category experience tailored to the needs of its customers paid off:

Daily average views outperformed the most popular category (electronics) by almost 5x

Daily average sales outperformed the most popular category by over 20x

Conversion was 2x better than the eBay core shopping experience (all categories)