Video: This is my Garage

Storyboarding & Concepting • Visual Design

What’s in your Garage?

In early 2012, in preparation for launch of eBay’s attempt at creating a social community centered around auto enthusiasts, the eBay verticals design team decided to create an inspirational video the would show the different cross-functional teams by showing what the product might be.

I initially developed concepts of a global garage, drawing storyboards and a rough draft of the script.  Then we placed the rest of the work in the capable hands of Adam Lisagor and his company, Sandwich Video.  We worked closely with him during the creative process, providing technical and motors-centric knowledge.

The video features elements of the eBay motors social shopping user interface, as well as some aspirational functionality.  I developed the UI graphics that appear to float on the windshield and in the walls of the garage.  Although there was no actual app, I designed a prototype mobile app to show what an eBay “Garage” app might look and feel like.