Honda Automobiles

User Interface • User Experience •  Information Architecture

In 2007 The Honda Automobiles website in need of a revamp.  I worked closely with National Honda Marketing and covered every aspect of the site to improve how shoppers learned about Honda vehicles, their features, and their value.  I developed mental models, site architecture, wireframes and functional specs.

From the homepage that displays the entire lineup of vehicles, to the information-dense (yet easy to navigate) vehicle product pages, no detail was left unturned.  I developed user interface patterns for the entire website, and worked closely with art directors to build a strong but flexible design system that allowed for the expression of each vehicle's individual personality while staying true to the tenets of the Honda brand.

The redesign was very successful.  In its Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study, J.D. Power and Associates ranked the Honda Automobiles site the highest among Manufacturer Websites in Satisfying New-Vehicle Shoppers in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.